LCM is a Third Party Logistics Company founded by “Sales First” individuals who understand that the welfare of a product is intrinsically linked to the efficiency of its supply chain.

In 2003, the creation of LCM was more of a necessary step than an opportunity for founder and then sales representative Steve Malizia, who had witnessed first-hand the depreciation of a brand by virtue of poor systems and processes.

In early 2000 Steve took over Detail Merchandising, a family owned business that his father before him had founded. Detail Merchandising was contracted by a sole major account to provide in-store service in all the Big Box Retailers across Canada. As Steve upheld the strong in-store presence that had made Detail Merchandising a favourite service agency amongst major retailers, he realized that the sole account he was servicing was on the verge of being ousted from all major retailers. The product was sharply priced, of superior quality, with low return rates and yet Big Box Retailers across the country unanimously expressed their dissatisfaction with the line. The reasons – poor fill rates, late deliveries and poor overall communication.

Supply chain inefficiencies are simply too costly for major retailers to retain even the most innovative and best selling products. Confronted with this undeniable fact, Steve understood that his days with Detail Merchandising were numbered should the supply chain of his one and only line remain unchanged. Armed with field research, Steve put forth a proposal to take over the distribution of the floundering line – thus changing a long-standing business model. His bid was successful, Detail Merchandising was granted distribution of the product line and LCM Distribution was created to honour the terms of the contract. That same line continues to dominate its competitors to this day throughout the Big Box Channel using LCM as its supply chain backbone.

Our distribution facility was built to meet the needs and demands of the smallest startups to the largest corporations while seamlessly fulfilling the strict rules and regulations that govern North America’s Big Box Stores. LCM systems assure fluidity for B2B and /or B2C supply chain needs.

The LCM platform proved to be so efficient that Steve was inspired to create his own brand of products to be able to take advantage of the efficient distribution system at his disposal – LCM . Detail Merchandising was rebranded as DK2 and a complete line of truck accessories was launched from the ground up. DK2 is now a growing supplier of truck and automotive accessories, as well as outdoor power equipment throughout North America. It’s no coincidence that LCM provides its distribution.

LCM has grown organically, our infrastructure is sound, we have a highly skilled team who has been working together from the very beginning, and with all . We are ready to take you where you need to go.

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In a sea of 3PLs available to choose from LCM breaks from the rest.

LCM Distribution Services Ltd.

Whatever the size of your company, whatever channels you want to ship your goods to, we have the solutions in place to get you there in the most efficient way and take you places you may have felt out of reach – until now!